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Elder Law & Medicaid Planning


Elder law is unique and complex. Only a dedicated elder care attorney can help you and your family best plan for the inevitable, navigating the ever-changing Pennsylvania rules and laws.

During a consultation, we’ll take the time to listen to your story, concerns, and goals. Then, we’ll strategically review available assets and create a plan. We assist clients with creating plans that will protect what they’ve worked so hard for over the years without sacrificing the quality care they or their loved one may need.

Government assistance programs such as  Medicaid, Medicare, and Veterans pensions provide people with access to medical and long-term care services that they could not otherwise purchase with their income. Unfortunately, the eligibility rules and the procedures for applying for these programs have become so complex that they are extremely confusing to the people they are designed to help.

Frankel Estate Planning & Elder Law, LLC can assist you. We serve clients in Philadelphia and surrounding counties. Our firm has roots in these communities and understands state laws and regulations. We also draft wills, powers of attorney, Advance Directives, living trusts, special needs trusts, and other estate planning documents with a focus on elder law issues.

We can help you plan far in advance or respond to a crisis that is even now unfolding.  Our goal is to help you access what public programs you can and preserve as many of your assets as possible for the next generation. And our focus is centered around creating peace for you and your beneficiaries. Don’t wait for a crisis to take place to start the important conversations and planning that can save you heartache and savings.

We are dedicated to helping older people and the disabled obtain government benefits and access to quality care while ensuring they have the benefit of every legal opportunity to protect assets. Please contact us to learn more about the specific Elder Care & Long Term Care planning services we offer by calling (610) 897-8994.

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