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Those Without Children 

Ensuring Ease and Love for Your Chosen Family: Estate Planning Matters

At Frankel Estate Planning, we understand that even if you don't have children, you have cherished individuals in your life, such as a spouse, partner, or other loved ones. It is essential to you that their journey, in the event something happens to you, is as effortless as possible.

You have worked tirelessly throughout your life, and now you desire to pass on your legacy in a way that not only preserves your hard-earned accomplishments but also serves as a heartfelt expression of love for your dear ones precisely when they need it the most.

Furthermore, you recognize the significance of personally selecting the recipients of what you have diligently built. It is crucial for you to ensure that your "chosen family" can provide the care and love you deserve if you were to experience incapacity and are unable to make healthcare decisions for yourself.

Your wealth extends beyond the mere numbers in your bank account; it encompasses the well-being and happiness of the people you hold dear. By taking the initiative to address your estate planning needs, you demonstrate your deep care and commitment to spare your loved ones from potential court battles or conflicts that may arise in the event of your incapacity or passing.

At Frankel Estate Planning, we are here to support you in this endeavor. Allow us to assist you in creating an estate plan that reflects your intentions, safeguards your chosen family's well-being, and ensures a seamless transition during challenging times.

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