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Tailored Estate Planning for Your Unique Needs

At Frankel Estate Planning, we recognize the pitfalls of a "one-size-fits-all" approach employed by many estate planning attorneys. While this method may allow them to assist numerous clients in a short span of time, it often leads to impersonal experiences and unintended consequences for families in the long run.


Consequences of Neglected Listening


When attorneys fail to take the time to listen and consider a family's personal circumstances, the resulting Will & Trust Documents may not accurately reflect the desires and intentions of the family. Furthermore, without regular reviews or updates, the plan quickly becomes outdated and ineffective when it is needed most.

Although opting for a standard set of documents or even customized ones may seem less expensive initially, it often results in significantly higher costs in the long run. Additionally, it leaves your family vulnerable to an expensive and unnecessary court process during a time of immense grief.


We Prioritize Listening


Frankel Estate Planning and Elder Law, LLC is the right choice for those who seek assurance that their estate plan will genuinely work when their loved ones need it most. If all you need are legal documents, there are countless online resources or traditional estate planning lawyers available to assist you.

However, if you desire a comprehensive plan that ensures your family stays out of court and conflict, and your assets remain out of the government's hands, then we might be the perfect fit for you.


Here's How We Stand Apart from Other Estate Planning Lawyers

All our fees are agreed upon in advance, providing you with transparency and no surprises. During our initial meeting, you have the opportunity to choose the level of planning and fee structure that best suits your family's needs.

We keep you informed and ensure the effectiveness of your plan. Our commitment extends beyond preparing legal documents. We take the necessary steps to ensure your assets are properly owned, your children's well-being is carefully planned for, and all relevant parties are aware of their roles if anything happens to you. Additionally, we work diligently to prevent any of your assets from becoming part of the staggering $58 billion of unclaimed assets in the United States.

We believe in fostering lifelong relationships with our clients because life is constantly changing. Your plan will be adaptable to accommodate those changes, including modifications in your assets, family dynamics, and evolving laws.

Our dedicated team is readily available to answer your questions and make the planning process effortless and painless for you and your family. We have a streamlined process to ensure your assets are titled correctly, both now and throughout your lifetime.

We assist you in organizing your legal and financial affairs, guiding you in making wise decisions related to insurance, college savings, retirement planning, and safeguarding you against unscrupulous sales tactics.

We possess specialized training to address your life and death planning needs. With expertise in ensuring the well-being of minor children and seamlessly integrating adult children into your estate plan, we go beyond what most other lawyers are capable of.

Legacy Planning holds great significance to us. We believe estate planning encompasses more than the transfer of financial wealth. Our comprehensive plans encompass a process to pass on your invaluable personal wealth, including your intellectual, spiritual, and human assets—your values and what truly matters to you.

Before entrusting an estate planning lawyer with the well-being of your finances, family, and life, it is crucial to ask the right questions. You need an estate plan that will genuinely work for your family when it matters most and not become mere worthless paper after you are gone.

Do not let a set of legal documents give you false security that prevents you from doing what is truly best for your loved ones.

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