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Securing Your Relationship: The Vitality of Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples

At Frankel Estate Planning, we emphasize the paramount importance of estate planning when you are in a committed relationship but not legally married. If you share a life with a partner and especially if you have children together, it becomes exponentially more crucial to address your estate planning needs accurately.

It is vital to recognize that the law does not automatically protect your love and partnership if you are not married. It is solely through your proactive actions that you can ensure crucial rights, such as access to your loved one's hospital bedside or your partner's ability to be by your side during hospitalization.

Failing to take action leaves a significant risk that the person you cherish most in the world could be denied the opportunity to be with you during an accident, unable to make healthcare decisions on your behalf, deprived of the power to determine your nourishment, or even restricted from seeing you.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to healthcare concerns.

Without the protective measures provided by comprehensive estate planning, the person you love deeply could face eviction from your residence, exclusion from your business affairs, or even complete lockout from your financial resources.

Moreover, in the absence of proper planning, the well-being of your children could be compromised, as they may potentially be taken away from your partner's care.

At Frankel Estate Planning, we specialize in tailoring estate plans that specifically address the needs and vulnerabilities faced by unmarried couples. Let us guide you through this essential process, ensuring that your relationship and the future of your children are safeguarded with meticulous care.

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